The Circus is rehearsed!

Making a short film with no budget can feel overwhelming.  There is so much to do and think of and as well as Directing I also have to Produce.  I have a great team of people working with me which I am hugely appreciative of, but the pressure can still be felt.  I completely understand why so many people are involved in creating a film from start to finish because there is just so much to do.  Staying organised is key.  Constant ‘To Do’ lists are created and folders for each different aspect of the film help to understand where I am at along the way.  This means separating information about actors, costume, locations, crew, props, script, legal forms etc.   It is a bit like a clown juggling in the circus, you need to concentrate on  a lot of things happening at once, however, if you rehearse (organise yourself) properly then you should be able to handle anything that comes your way.  I’m not quite sure I would consider unicycling across a tightrope whilst juggling just yet, but the more prep work I do, the more confident I feel about the production process.  I really believe that the more experience I have of creating films with no budget the more I will learn and benefit from those lessons in my career.  It has also allowed me to work with some very talented people that are also on the beginning of this journey.  The worst that can happen is I make a mistake, and mistakes are crucial to the learning process…although maybe not too many!




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