So I think it is only right that I talk a little about the film that started it all.  I think I was about 14 when I first watched Snatch.  Me and a friend of mine were totally addicted to the script.  We grew up around people that talked similarly to the characters but it was much funnier and more poetic than we were used to.  The film was gritty and hard.  It was gripping the whole way through.  The story was all tangled up but clear enough to make sense.  I often try to work out why I was so attracted to it at such a young age.  Maybe it felt familiar to me in a strange way.  I was certainly used to that sense of hierarchy between men and the sort of food chain that existed.  I think perhaps some of the characters reminded me of the people who used to look out for me and that I was around growing up.  I watched this film everyday, memorising all the lines with a friend of mine.  The two of us would quote characters everyday as if we were part of the film.  I was completely besotted by the dialogue and even now I watch the film regularly.  My style as a writer and director is greatly influenced by Guy Ritchie

Snatch, in a nutshell, is about a diamond.  The diamond is stolen and then passed around by many people for all sorts of different reasons.  It is a tool that connects a load of hard, gritty and funny characters together.

The transitions are often extremely creative, particularly so in the opening sequence where the characters are introduced.  Each character moves into the next so smoothly and it keeps the pace fast and interesting right from the beginning.


The characters are all very different to each other and the narration gives you enough information to get familiar with each one of them and keep the story going.  In particular Brad Pitt’s performance as an Irish gypsy is really convincing.  I am completely taken away from the idea of ‘Brad Pitt’ and consumed entirely by the character.  His accent is also spot on!


There are some big names in the cast, including:

Mike Reid

Benicio Del Toro

Jason Statham

Vinnie Jones

Lennie James

Steven Graham..

…Just to name a few.

Brick Top is the villain in the film.  A nasty character who plays poetically with words whilst he is insulting or threatening people’s lives.  I saw an interview with Guy Ritchie (Writer and Director) and he explained that the reason Brick Top tortured and fought dogs was to help the audience hate him further but it actually had the reverse effect.  He is still quoted often.


The cinematography in the film is gritty and cold looking.  The camera movement is exciting and creative.  The use of slow motion is often used in Guy Ritchie’s films always at the perfect moment in an action sequence and the shots are sped up to give you information quickly and with high impact at the perfect times too.  My favourite example of this is a scene in the pub with ‘Bullet Tooth Tony’ explaining the name of his gun and working out that his opponents are carrying replicas.  The use of sound really helps too.



The camera angles and frames really pull you into the film so it feels like you are there with them at times, up close and personal, rather than sitting back observing

To me, Snatch is pure genius and I aspire to make films as simply complicated and exciting to watch as Guy Ritchie has done with Snatch.


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