The end of the beginning.

I recently wrote about a short film I was working on and I am happy to say that we have completed it and we have started submitting to film festivals.  We began working on the script mid-November and have been working tirelessly to get it ready.  A massive thank you has to be given to all of the cast and crew who were extremely committed and professional throughout the whole process.  Their time and hard work is greatly appreciated.


I am sad to say that we can’t share it with the world just yet because of Film Festivals but it’s a good way to learn patience.  For now I can share some production stills  with you.


‘​ArchAngel’ is the story of Femi Adebisi, a 29 year old leader of a criminal organisation.  Femi is a confident, aggressive and materialistic leader.  He deviates from this bravado only for his family.  His mother Violet has detached herself from Femi but his younger brother Syrus looks up to him and hangs off of his every word.  Business partner Angel wants to take advantage of Syrus’s book smart head and bring him in to the firm but Femi draws the line at his little brother getting involved, wanting a better life for him.

Femi’s distaste for Angel’s right hand man D’Von is blatantly apparent and Femi’s lack of respect for him pushes him to assert his authority.  Femi has his eye on ‘it girl’ Jade, a glamorous and confident girl who only settles for the best, but Jade enjoys drama and enjoys watching Femi be the boss.  The problem with power is that it is always under threat and the question remains, can you ever really trust anyone?


You can find out more at






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