All Hail the King

Last night I went to see King Arthur: Legend of the sword.  Directed by the one and only Guy Ritchie.  Now, I may be slightly biased considering this is the work of my favourite Director, but wow!  It didn’t disappoint in the slightest.  Charlie Hunnam was perfect for the role of Arthur.  In fact the whole cast was really good.  It was definitely a Guy Ritchie film, the colour was gritty and British and the fast paced camera work with whip pans a plenty helped keep the narrative moving creatively, and of course, the use of time remapping that is key to his style.  The locations were stunning and the cinematography (John Mathieson) was of course amazing.  I particularly liked the way a story would be told by a character and they would switch in and out of what was happening.  It is done in a way that is either comical or helps break up the action.  The use of sound (James Boyle) was really enjoyable too, at one point (I won’t spoil anything don’t worry) something terribly dramatic happens and someone (I won’t name who) shouts ‘Noooo’, it is so haunting and the echoes of the scream stay behind for a nice amount of time so the impact is really felt.  I don’t know if it would be the same if you were hearing it somewhere other than the cinema so surround sound at the very least is recommended.  The traditional sounding music by Daniel Pemberton ensured the film felt traditional and English all the way through.  The deep rumbles from the bass were exciting from the beginning.


One thing I particularly liked was that the film never showed too much gore, yet it didn’t feel safe either.  I always say that less is more and on a few occasions I was prepared to cover my eyes but thankfully I didn’t have to.  The film is full of action and fighting but without having to have it shoved in your face.


Jude Law played the evil Vortigern and was as  horrible as they come.  He will cross anyone to get where he wants to be and his untrustworthy nature was so believable I felt uncomfortable watching him, particularly when he wasn’t reacting to anything.  Also, David Beckham has received a lot of stick for his cameo so I think it worth noting that he was perfectly fine in the film.  He looked right for his part and his acting was great.  I think it is just because people don’t think of him as an actor that they are giving him such a hard time.  Undeservedly.  It was great to see a little Cameo from Ritchie himself too!


There is no romance in the film and I really like this about many of Ritchie’s films.  The focus isn’t on romantic relationships.  Instead the focus is on that of Arthur and his parents.  His friends and those that he considers family.  The film doesn’t lack because of it and I think it strengthens the importance of those other relationships.


Lastly, and very importantly, that typical cockney accent that is present in the likes of ‘Snatch’, ‘Lock, Stock’ and ‘RocknRolla’ is used throughout and keeps everything a little bit fun and cheeky.


I am now fully inspired to continue on with my own feature film and I one day hope, in an interview, I will be asked:


“It could be said that the film is slightly similar to Guy Ritchie’s style of filmmaking, were you aware of that?”


I will look at the interviewer smiling from ear to ear and reply…well, you will have to watch the interview to know that!


Highly recommended, go and see the film!




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