The making of a filmmaker has been made so that I can share my journey in film directing with others.  I am currently a film student at a University in London and work outside of Uni on films, documentaries, music videos and corporate films.

I am in my second year of my degree and when I started a year ago I had no idea how to use a camera.  I was a complete ‘tech’ beginner.  With hard work, dedication and a lot of mistakes; I have taught myself how to shoot, record sound, work with light (ish) and edit.

My passion is film.  I love British cinema and my favourite Director without a shadow of a doubt is Guy Ritchie.  I grew up repeating the script of Snatch and never tire of his work.  Rock N Rolla is something I play on repeat.  A week won’t go by without me watching it and  I think my respect for his work comes across in my own films.

So please journey with me, ask questions, drop tips or simply be entertained…  After all that is what it’s all about right!